Downtown Pedestrian Crashes: 2007-2014

Aggregated pedestrian crashes 2007-2014. Source:PennDOT

Aggregated pedestrian crashes 2007-2014. Source:PennDOT

What is this?

A visualization of aggregated pedestrian crashes, by intersection, in Downtown Pittsburgh from 2007-2014. The data is developed from publicly available PennDOT information which is in turn aggregated from local police reports.

What can we learn? 

Reported pedestrian crashes are a major indicator (among others) of pedestrian safety at a particular intersection. This indicator can be further strengthened by overlaying pedestrian volume and traffic signal/cross walk quality - data sets that are currently in development. Establishing this data is the first step in the creation of a qualitative analysis of pedestrian safety in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Identifying intersections with high numbers of pedestrian crashes also creates the case for prioritization of these intersections for traffic safety improvements.  Based on the PennDOT data, the intersections in Downtown with the highest numbers of pedestrian crashes are:

  1. Ross St./Blvd of the Allies (15 crashes)
  2. Ross St./Sixth Ave. (13 crashes)
  3. Ross St./Forbes Ave. (9 crashes)
  4. Grant St./Seventh Ave. (7 crashes)
  5. Ross St./Fifth Ave. (7 crashes)