Penn Avenue Bike Lane - July Summary

July 2016 numbers for the Penn Avenue bike lane are now available on the PDP public website. Downtown bike traffic is picking up as we head into the warm summer months. The monthly total for the 1200 block of Penn was 22,850 which was -10% from June, the 900 block saw 18,776 trips an increase of 16% and 600 block 18,172 which was equivalent to its June numbers.

In terms of commuter traffic 1200 block numbers peaked on weekdays at 8am and 5pm with an average of 64 trips at both the morning and evening rush. Trips per hour between 6am and 10pm averaged 46 which is the equivalent of a full Port Authority bus. There was an average of 737 daily trips over weekdays which was a decrease from June likely due to the warm temperatures and wet weather.

Impact of the weather can be seen clearly at the end of June where low trip counts for the last 10 days correlate with six days of heavy rain interspersed with high temperatures. A new route for Open Streets did directly not use the 1200 block reducing its monthly total but still giving its numbers a bump.

The counters are thin, rubber tubes stretched across the width of the bike lane, located on the 600, 900, and 1200 blocks of Penn Avenue they were installed by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. They work by recording each time a bicyclist rides over and depresses the tubes.

If you would like to discover more about the bike lane data you can now visit the PDP's interactive website to view up to date trip counts.