The Vice President of Mobility is responsible for leading and implementing the organization’s urban planning and transportation initiatives that directly affect Downtown transportation and mobility. The position leads Envision Downtown, a partnership between the PDP and the Mayor’s Office to develop a 21st Century vision for sustainable and efficient development, and the organization’s Transportation Management Association (TMA). The VP of Mobility will be responsible for managing relationships with the City’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, the Port Authority, PennDOT and a range of local and regional organizations that support and advocate for transportation initiatives.

The VP of Mobility will continue to build upon our successful efforts to advocate for new bike and pedestrian infrastructure while developing efforts to support a more efficient transportation network for all transportation modes. Through temporary projects, the PDP works with business and property owners to pilot enhancements throughout greater Downtown that ensure our city continues to innovate while improving pedestrian safety, removing barriers for persons with disabilities, investing in transit rider amenities, making it safer to bike and reducing traffic congestion. The position is responsible for leading the design, deployment, and evaluation of mobility infrastructure projects in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, and conducting research on impact while advancing new initiatives. The Vice President of Mobility is a senior staff position and reports to the President & CEO of the PDP.

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